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BT Infinity & terrible customer service.

BT Infinity & terrible customer service.

Last week I encountered a problem with my previously bullet-proof BT Infinity: I couldn’t access some web pages whilst others worked perfectly. Pages like Facebook and the BBC website were inaccessible whilst others, including this one, worked perfectly so I …

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Problems with Carwashes

Problems with Carwashes

Beware of Sainsbury’s automatic car wash.

Just before Christmas 2014, my mum had borrowed my car to do a spot of shopping at Sainsbury’s in Rugby. Whilst she was there, she decided to do me a favour and put the …

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SEO Spam idiot: SEO Consultant Shaan Sharma

Shaan Sharma - someone who doesn't know who they are!

Just like a great many other companies who do business on the web, I get a fair few SEO Spam idiots who email me telling me how they can guarantee that they can get more traffic to my website by …

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By Simon Coates On January 10, 2014 6:19 pm

Well, the new year is upon us and before you know it, it’ll be prom season again! Of course, the school prom season is a very busy time for event photography companies with seemingly more and more venues wanting photographers on the same date.

We have three main school prom offerings

1) Mobile studio
Using only the highest quality equipment, we can build a professional photographic studio and photograph the attendees in all of their finery. Using the very latest printers, we can produce top-quality prints in mere moments. The great news is that we attend most school proms for free! Our photographs are always competitively priced and we offer multi-buy discounts too.

2) Green screen (Chromakey)
Instead of using a ‘standard’ backdrop, green screen photography allows us to offer something completely different when it comes to your prom. We use the same technology as Hollywood to digitally place your guests against any backdrop at all. This really comes into its own when you’ve a theme for the prom. As a rule, we don’t charge any extra for supplying a green screen studio – unless we have to buy a particular background to meet your specific requirements.

Green screen photos

Green Screen photography at work at a school prom

3) Photobooth
New for 2014 – a real photo booth! This is the real-deal – a genuine photobooth like you’d find in the Post Office (just a bit bigger!) The booth can be set up to automatically upload the photos to Facebook, to print the images out, or to allow your guests to record video messages. We can even use the booth green-screen backgrounds: giving the ultimate in party photography.

With the prom season being so very short, the dates fill up extremely quickly. If you’d like us to photograph your school prom, please get in touch soon and let us help make your prom truly memorable!