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Midlands Event Photography: What we do

We cover many events for free

We are event photographers – it is our job to make sure that your guests take home a printed memory of your event.

Indoor Events

If you are organising a charity event, school prom, or black-tie dinner then we can help make your event truly memorable. Using state-of-the-art digital equipment to beam the photos from our portable studio directly to the viewing station so that the pictures are ready and waiting to be seen by the time your guests have left the set. They can then choose which photos they would like and they are then printed using the latest dye-sublimation printers, in as little as 20 seconds! By employing Green Screen(chromakey) techniques,we can even possible to superimpose your guests against virtually any background – just like in Hollywood!

We can add custom borders to the prints, if you need them. These can include sponsors’ or organisers logos, the name of the event, or the name of the guest. We offer many different price packages for events.

All photographs are presented in stylish strut mounts which, should the need arise, be further customised to include additional logos, although there would be an additional cost involved for this.

Outdoor Events

Our customised event photography vehicle
We don’t only cover indoor events – we are quite happy to work outside too! Just like indoors, we can send the photos from our experience photographers directly to the viewing stations using wireless technology. This means that by the time the competitor has completed their event, the photos are ready to be viewed. No more waiting around for the card to be returned. We are frequently to be found photographing show jumping, dressage, motor sport, dog agility and so on. Our customised ambulance, from which we work, is a regular talking point at events up and down the country

On the equestrian side we have covered dressageshow jumping, pony club games, one day events, fun-rides, cross-country and breed shows in Warwickshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire and much further afield. We’ve done soccer tournaments, water sports, dog shows, dog agility, theatre school productions, proms, balls, star-studded charity fundraisers and much, much more.

Did you know that many event photography companies will take on far more bookings than that can cope with. They will then farm out the extra jobs to other companies who will then do the job under the other companies name. We do not operate like that. If you book us to photograph your event, we will be the photography company that attends. If we cannot cover your event we can normally recommend someone else who can, but they will never do it under our name. If it says “Simon Coates Photography” on the acceptance sheet, you can rest assured that it will be Simon Coates Photography that is taking the pictures!