Avoiding complacency – on-going training

Being a professional photographer can seem like the ideal job, especially to those who take pictures for a hobby. However, it can be a fairly solitary existence with limited interaction with others in a similar position. It is then very easy fall into the trap of  you know what sells, you know how to shoot it and that’s enough. In short, you become complacent.

The cure for this is on-going training. For some, training is something that happens before they launch their business. For me, it is something that needs to happen frequently if for no other reason than to keep me fresh. Of course, the quality of the training varies tremendously. Over the years I have attended numerous courses & workshops with varying success. I don’t think that theres a single instance of me wishing I’d not attended a course: there’s always something that can be picked up. There are, however, courses that are more valuable than others.

Without a doubt, the best training courses I’ve attended have been run by Martin Grahame-Dunn. Martin’s courses are great fun, informative and challenging. He challenges your assumptions. Never disparaging, always enthusiastic and a stickler for details! Martin is a globally respected photographer who regularly runs training courses and is guest speaker around the world. It is great that someone as talented and as giving lives just down the road!

I am eagerly looking forward to next week’s “Environmental Portraits” course, being held in Leamington. It should be an truly inspirational day.

So, if you are in the market for some professional training from a  true master of the art, look no further than

Martin Grahame-Dunn’s Website


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