BT Infinity problem – the Saga Continues

So, BT have closed the call – yet again – without resolving the problem…..

 Ankita: Hello. I’m Ankita.Thanks for that information, I’ll check it and get back to you in a moment.
 Simon Coates: The ongoing DNS problem affecting the Rugby area has been flagged as “fixed” even though the problem is now worse than ever. I know of customers in the area who have the same problem and have had it for three weeks.
 Ankita: I’m sorry to hear you are having problems with this. Don’t worry I will have a look at this now.
 Simon Coates: It is not our equipment. It is not our Hubs. It is not the websites to which we are trying to connect – it is your service.
 Ankita: I understand your concern.  I would check the issue for you.
 Simon Coates: The problem also affects my BT YouView box – I cannot access a variety of different Catch Up TV services to which I subscribe.
 Ankita: simon i am sorry to tell you that.. i am from broadband help i have to transfer this chat to bt vision department..they are the right person to solve your issue
 Simon Coates: No they are not
 Simon Coates: The issue is with the broadband – the fact that it is affecting NowTV is a symptom of the issue
 Simon Coates: If I change to using as a DNS server, everything works. Using the defaults doesn’t
 Simon Coates: Passing me on to BT Vision is passing the buck and wasting my time
 Ankita: i understand  your issue..please give me some time..while i run some checks..
 Ankita: let me run some slow speed..i will get your issue resolved..
 Ankita: can you open your web browser?
 Simon Coates: Yes
 Ankita: type there
 Ankita: and press enter
 Simon Coates: “Safari can’t open the page “” because Safari can’t find the server “”
 File attachment upload has started.
 The file Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 18.40.27.png (376.81KB) was received.
 Ankita: simon could you please tell me that is your connection stable at this time?
 Simon Coates: I am talking to you using it. You tell me
 Ankita: ok i am running some checks….
 Ankita: simon type
 Ankita: and press enter
 File attachment upload has started.
 The file Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 18.46.19.png (160.1KB) was received.
 Ankita: thank you for the click on  further diagnostics
 File attachment upload has started.
 The file Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 18.49.37.png (191.65KB) was received.
 Ankita: sorry now click on further diagnostics..
 Simon Coates: I did
 File attachment upload has started.
 The file Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 18.49.37.png (191.65KB) was received.
 Simon Coates: The speed test will not highlight an issue with the DNS anyway
 Ankita: i have to transfer this chat to my supervisor..he will handle your issue..
 Simon Coates: Will that be sometime before the next ice age?
 Supriyo Sarkar : Hello. I’m Supriyo Sarkar .Thanks for that information, I’ll check it and get back to you in a moment.
 Ankita has left the chat.
 Supriyo Sarkar : Hi
 Supriyo Sarkar : my name is Supriyo and I am the service manager here
 Simon Coates: I don’t care. I just want this three week old problem fixing
 Simon Coates: There are at least 11 people in the area with the same problem. I am tired of reporting it. I am tired of wasting my time chasing it.
 Simon Coates: Get it fixed.
 Simon Coates: The issue is nothing to do with my machines, or my hub.  There’s is nothing at this end that can address the issue.
 Simon Coates: I have got to take a call – will be back shortly
 Supriyo Sarkar : sure, take your time
 Supriyo Sarkar : in the meantime let me go through the case history
 Simon Coates: I am back
 Supriyo Sarkar : Thank you
 Supriyo Sarkar : I was just going the case history and I can see that this has been owned by a specific team
 Simon Coates: But it was closed earlier today – despite still being a fault
 Supriyo Sarkar : not at all
 Supriyo Sarkar : the chase is still open and I can see that you have been tried to be contacted today as well
 Supriyo Sarkar : they left a short message as well
 Supriyo Sarkar : did you get the message
 File attachment upload has started.
 The file Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 19.24.48.png (189.22KB) was received.
 Supriyo Sarkar : got it
 Simon Coates: Does that, or does that not, indicate that the issue has been resolved?
 Supriyo Sarkar : this one indicates that the issue is resolved
 Supriyo Sarkar : are you at home
 Simon Coates: But it hasn’t been resolved
 Supriyo Sarkar : are you at home?
 Simon Coates: Yes
 Supriyo Sarkar : great
 Supriyo Sarkar : would need you to restart the home hub once please
 Simon Coates: I did that earlier, when I saw that the status had changed. The hub was off for around a minute
 Supriyo Sarkar : OK
 Supriyo Sarkar : what is the status of the light now ?
 Simon Coates: Solid blue
 Simon Coates: What colour should it be to indicate a DNS issue?
 Supriyo Sarkar : a DNS issue doesnt have an effect on the colour
 Simon Coates: Exactly
 Simon Coates: If the light were any other colour, would I be able to chat with you?
 Supriyo Sarkar : I thought you are online through some other medium
 Simon Coates: No
 Supriyo Sarkar : in that case the internet is working
 Simon Coates: Have you actually read the case?
 Supriyo Sarkar : but I can see that the issue that you had reported is with speed
 Simon Coates: Some websites are accessible, other’s aren’t. If I change my computer to use, then I can access sites like the BBC. If I use the default DNS, I can’t
 Supriyo Sarkar : can see that
 Simon Coates: I cannot change the DNS setting on all of my devices – some don’t allow it
 Supriyo Sarkar : I would request you to wait for the team to get back to you once
 Simon Coates: I know of 11 customers who have the same issue in the area
 Simon Coates: How can it be closed?
 Supriyo Sarkar : I have added that as a screenshot in the existing chase
 Simon Coates: In all my years in IT, I have never come across such terrible customer service.
 Supriyo Sarkar : I am sorry for your experience
 Supriyo Sarkar : we will try to make it as soon as possible
 Simon Coates: Is it unreasonable for me to expect that an issue is resolved in less than 3 weeks?
 Supriyo Sarkar : would request you to wait for the team to get back to you to avoid double handling
 Simon Coates: Tell me how long it is reasonable to wait for a resolution
 Supriyo Sarkar : I can understand that this has been a long time
 Supriyo Sarkar : I have also written a mail to the concerned team informing them about the status
 Supriyo Sarkar : and have also asked them to get back to you as soon as possible
 Supriyo Sarkar : would you like to share any alternate contact number ?
 Simon Coates: Yes. 07795 824494

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  1. It is just terrible customer service but is typical of what you get when speaking to these people. They are very nice, they want to help but they can’t.
    I have received a new HUB 5 this morning and I will attempt to install it. To be honest I’m a bit scared that I might lose my internet connection altogether. I’m not very techie when it comes to these things. What seems clear to be from your earlier posts and those of others is that the new Hub 5 will not cure the problem.
    I am not a twitter user so I don’t get a feel for how big the issue is, but could it be the time to start pointing the media i.e. Watchdog et all at this problem? I will report back when the new hub is installed. If you don’t here then assume that I have lost my internet connection!

  2. Something else I have noticed. All of the postings on the BT Customer Forum relating to this issue appear to have been taken down.

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