ComicCon Photography

We were delighted to have been invited to partner with Coventry Comic Con to provide our photographic services for their event.
Following a meeting with the organisers, it was decided that we needed to implement three separate studios - one for the meet and greet, a green screen studio for the Cosplayers and a studio to photograph guests sat in a replica of the Iron Throne from TV's 'Game of Thrones.'
We arrived on site around three hours before the show opened to the public in order to get the three studios built. The Iron Throne was the first to be built as this was going in the main exhibition hall. We needed to put a large backdrop cloth in to ensure that there was a reasonable background behind the throne. It would have looked fairly shoddy if you could see the hordes of visitors in the background!
The remaining studios were built side-by-side in the meet and greet area. This saved a little time on build. Also, because we use battery driven studio lights, it eliminates the need to have cables running across the floor and thus removes the inherent trip hazard.

Meet the stars

The main focus for the day (excuse the pun!) was providing the meet and greet studio where paying customers had the chance to have a professional photograph taken with their chosen celebrity.
Each of the customers walked away with a beautiful 9x6" print which was presented in a high-quality, stylish strut mount: ideal for displaying proudly on the mantle piece when they got home.
Because of our vast experience of working in high-pressure, high-volume events, we've perfected and incredibly effective workflow. By sending the images wirelessly from the camera to the file servers, we can produce a fully finished print less than 30 seconds after the picture has been taken.

Green Screen for Cos Players

Another important part of the day was the provision of a green screen photography studio for those guests who'd gone to the effort of coming to the event in costume. Due to the level of effort that people were making, we felt it was important that we worked equally as hard to deliver a unique product.
In order to to this, we decided to build a selection of movie-inspire backdrops from which the customers could make a selection. These backdrops were initially created using a 3D modelling tool before being finished off in Photoshop. By doing this, we could ensure that no other event would be offering the same product.