Exorcist meets Father Ted

CovCon October 2022

It was brilliant to have been invited back to provide our photographic studio expertise to CovCon for the second time this year. Where else would you see  Eileen Deitz (the face of the Exorcist's demon, Pazazu) facing her own exorcism by the cast of Father Ted!

As always with CovCon, we are providing free downloads of all of the photo shoots - just click the button below. Since there's no charge for these images, we cannot keep the gallery live for very long and so it will be turned off at the end of October. If you like the service that we offer, please consider leaving us a review on Facebook - it is really appreciated!

We've also added a set copy of the prints made to our Facebook page for you to tag and share.

These images may be used for personal use only.