Dressage photography at High Cross Equestrian

Photos of DressageLeicestershire Dressage Photos from High Cross

The photographs of the Trialblazers dressage qualifiers, held at High Cross Equestrian Centre on 23 October 2011 are now available online. The weather was surprisingly good, even if the wind was a little on the chilly side. It was a shame the turn out was so low, but despite this, the standard of the riding was very good. For the first time at High Cross, we worked from the van at this event. The photographs were still transmitted wirelessly and we were able to offer the same high-quality prints as normal, despite not being in the canteen.

If you bought a photo from us at the event, we have uploaded a copy into our Facebook photo gallery. Don’t forget to tag yourself and please feel free to add the image to your Facebook page.

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