Why we are Green screen (chromakey) specialist.

Earlier this year, we were approached by Jon Sharp of Boothpix in Cumbria asking to assist on a large green screen job for Sky TV. Jon has written a great case study on the job, explaining the client’s requirements and the method we employed to meet their brief.

On the face of it, the brief was a simple one: photograph Sky employees against a chromakey green screen and then drop them into one of five different posters for popular Sky TV shows. However, the brief included the requirement that the person being photographed could see the finished photo before it was taken. To the uninitiated this might seem to be a little bit on the “impossible” side of things! Thankfully, we have a method of doing this involving a mix of different software and hardware. This approach allowed us to deploy the very best solutions to both halves of the problem: displaying a live-view of the photo and then producing a high-quality finished print in record time. On average the finished photos were printed within 27 seconds of the picture being taken.

This was the first time that we had worked with Jon and was also the first time that we had used Darkroom Booth Software. Both were a huge success.


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