Newbottle Funride

Sunday, 24th July saw the running of the annual Newbottle funride though the beautiful South Northamptonshire countryside. There was a good turn out of riders & horses brave enough to venture out in the most unseasonable of weathers. One minute it was sunny, the next tipping it down with rain. Adding in the dreadful wind to mix was enough to spook many of the horses. The circuit covers around 10 miles  through the picturesque villages of Charlton, Hinton-in-the-Hedges and, of course, Newbottle.

The photographs are now all online and can be view in our equestrian photography gallery.


View the fun ride photosTag yourself on Facebook! [videoembed type=”youtube” width=”493″ height=”277″ url=”” autoplay=”yes” id=”0″]


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