Photographers and staff :

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  • Will only attend an event in an official capacity where invited to do so by the organisers.
  • Behave and conduct themselves in an appropriate, professional & courteous manner at all times.
  • Must not have unsupervised access to young people.
  • Must be easily identified by wearing their company issued clothing or high-visibility jackets at all times.

Photographs :

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  • All children photographed must be appropriately dressed for the sport in which they are participating.
  • If a participant removes any item of clothing photos should not be taken
  • Must be in good taste and in keeping with the event taking place.

Website :

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  • Where necessary, all images put online can be password protected at the request of the event organiser
  • We are happy to remove any images by sending an email to info@simoncoatesphotography.co.uk, listing the filenames of the images to be removed


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