Rissington Kart Club – October 2014

The season finale was held at Little Rissington Kart Club on October the 5th. Once again, we were rather lucky with the weather: it was dry and bright, if a little on the chilly side. As a result, we were treated to a good day’s racing which was marred by two incidents during the Cadets race which resulted in the air-ambulance attending the course. Our best wishes are extended to those families involved.

All of the photographs from the day are available in our gallery and those that bought pictures from us at the circuit will find a complementary copy has been uploaded to our Facebook page, so don’t forget to tag yourself!

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  1. Simon,

    Thanks for the kind words reference the Cadet’s accidents.

    Louis spent 24 hours in John Radcliffe after being Airlifted.

    He is home now with a bruised kidney and a small bleed on his right lung and his adrenal gland, but will make a full recovery and be back to Rissington next year.

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