Awful weather puts an end to the opening round at Rissington

It was a great shame that the opening round of the 2012 championships came to a premature end because of the unseasonable weather. Everyone that visits Rissy regularly knows that it is invariably wet and windy there, but today’s weather was simply awful. It started off with typical Rissington rain, but it soon deteriorated to sleet and finally snow. After only a few heats, the racing was abandoned at the behest of the the medics: it was just too bitterly cold out there for the competitors, the marshals (& the photographer!!)

The photos have been uploaded to the gallery and we’ve also uploaded all of them to our Facebook page. Ordinarily we’d only upload the images that have been sold but this time we’ve added them all. Please feel free to tag your own pictures.


View the photos hereTag yourself on Facebook!

We’ll be back again next month – fingers crossed for better weather!


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