Show Jumping derby at High Cross Equestrian Centre

Show jumping derby – a fine day out

Today saw the last of the hugely popular “Jumping derby days” at High Cross Equestrian Centre. These are a mixture of show jumping and cross country, run using both of the all-weather surface arenas at the Leicestershire riding school. The weather was brilliant, with an unending supply of late autumn sunlight: a photographer’s dream!

There was a good turn out of competitors, making the most of the great weather and, as usual, we were there to photograph the action. Starting with the clear round and then covering 65cm, 75cm, 85cm, 95 cm and then having two brave competitors tackle the 105cm class. Thankfully it was a largely incident-free day with no real problems for the riders, save for a few small unexpected dismounts.

One of the advantages of photographing horses at this time of the year, when the weather is dry, is the quality of the light. A lovely warm, gentle sunlight bathed the arena all day which is something of a novelty at the ever-windy High Cross! We’d be delighted if the weather was like this each and every time we ventured out to photograph equestrian events.

If you would like to view the photographs from the day, please take a look in our equestrian photo gallery. We have also uploaded a selection of photographs that were bought on the day into a Facebook gallery – please take a look and please feel free to tag yourself. We have also created another of our very popular YouTube slideshows which, again, you are welcome to add to your Facebook page.



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