Show jumping photos from High Cross

High Cross Show Jumping.

Midlands Show jumping photography

Today we were photographing the show jumping at High Cross Equestrian Centre for what seems the first time in a long, long time! It was great to see so many competitors taking part in each of the classes. It is quite a while since I’ve seen High Cross so busy. The weather was a little bit iffy to begin with, but it brightened up towards the end of the day. This was the second week in succession that we’ve worked from our converted ambulance and in general it is proving to be quite a hit!

It was great that the day ran smoothly with no fallers an no injuries in the jumping ring, though there were a couple of looses horses during the day. Fortunately it all worked out well in the end.

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If you bought a photo from us at the event, you should find it in our Facebook Gallery. Please feel free to tag yourself and let your friends see you in action.

We had a few technical issue, with our wireless receiver dying at the Rocky Horror evening last night we were forced to resort to manually transferring the images by card – something we’ve not had to do for ages now. It really makes me appreciate the wireless when it works! Fingers crossed we have it working in time for next weekend’s season finale at Rissington Kart Club.


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