Theatre and stage photography

Stage & Dance Photography

When you’ve spent months and months rehearsing your latest stage performance, surely it makes sense to engage the services of a photographer who has extensive experience in theatre and stage photography? Here at Simon Coates Photography, we love the theatre and live performances. We have the equipment and the ability to capture your performance for posterity at the highest possible standard.  Whether you need pictures of your play for promotional purposes, or the parents of your dance students want great shots of their kids on stage, we can help.

Over the years as theatre photographers we’ve photographed countless productions and have great experience of working in low-light. We’ve photographed small theatre troupes performing in hotels, dance & ballet in theatres as well as in huge auditoriums in Las Vegas, so you know that you can rely on us to capture the true essence of the performance.

Where possible, we prefer to photograph the technical rehearsal since it means that we can have a freer hand when it comes to working in the auditorium. With theatre and stage photography, last thing we want to do is to distract either the performers or the audience!

Theatre & Dance Videography

As well as being able to photograph your show, we can also arrange to have the whole show filmed and edited in full HD. We partner with a firm that we believe do a first-rate job. If you would like more information about our video service, please get in touch.

Professional service, professional standard

When hiring a photographer it is vital that you can trust them – not only photographically, but also professionally. Simon Coates Photography carries full public liability insurance and all of our equipment conforms to all relevant legislation.

Performer’s Portfolio Photos

We don’t just shoot stage work – we also can provide your portfolio photos and offer a discount for theatre & dance schools who book a block session. Please drop us an email if you would like a quotation.

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