Wing-It Theatre's production of RENT at the Albany Theatre in Coventry

Wing-It Theatre’s RENT

Coventry’s Wing-It theatre staged the musical “Rent” at the Albany and we were delighted to have been asked along to do the production photos.

With a cast of over 30 performers, this was a lively, slick and professional show and was great fun to photograph. It reminded me of why I love my job. There are not many people who are lucky enough to basically get their own private showing of such a performance!

Dress rehearsal photography

With this production we were able to attend the dress rehearsal which allows us full access to the auditorium without disturbing the paying public. This allows us get some great shots with no disruptions. We also stayed for the first performance too, which we filmed for promotional purposes.

Special Offer

Because we enjoyed the show so much, we've created a special offer for the performers. You can buy a disk with over 140 full resolution photos from the show for just £12.50 (inc p&p.)

We normally charge £25 per image, so this is a real bargain.