Working on the HIPA stand in Dubai – the follow up

Green Screen Photography in Dubai

As many of you will know, I spent a week in October working for HIPA (the world’s most prestigious photographic award) on their trade stand at GITEX in Dubai. I’ve subsequently taken part in a webinar chat with Martin Grahame-Dunn and Oz Kharawala. During the 50 minute chat, we discussed all manner of topics related to the green screen photography event we covered in the UAE. Topics included posing, lighting, software and the logistics of covering such a huge event in such a short time. It was a great session and thanks to Oz for sorting it out.

For those that were unable to join us for the webinar, Oz kindly recorded it:

[videoembed type=”youtube” width=”493″ height=”277″ url=”” autoplay=”no” id=”0″]

I have also been interviewed about the Dubai trip by one of the large photographic magazines – more details to follow!


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